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About the Artist

Hi, I'm Emily. I am the artist & owner behind Little Larkspur Leathercraft. I am a one woman show.

Little Larkspur Leathercraft was named for the wildflower that grows in the mountains of Montana. You will often find me here - on the back of a horse. It was my desire to create my own tack that inspired me to start making unique leather goods. For me, art and usefulness are not mutually exclusive.

I grew up in Montana but didn't get into the horse scene until college. I dove off the deep end and haven't looked back since finding that passion.

I graduated from Montana State in 2020 with a bachelors in animal science and that same year, Little Larkspur came to life.

In 2021, I moved to Kentucky with my husband so he could get his doctorate in clinical psychology. 

I am passionate about learning the californio vaquero way of training horses and am currently taking my 4 year old, Goose, on that journey.

We are enjoying our time in Kentucky, but Montana will always be home and thats where we will return to in a few years. ❤️

Thank you for supporting my dreams. It means everything to me that you are all here!